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"I so enjoyed your music at Songbird Live tonight. Looking forward to playing your CD's. You're the best female singer to come along since Julie London." ~ Mary P.


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Friday June 10, 2011
Sheldon t. nunn of

"By all available levels of measurement, Melani Skybell is a female vocalist possessing talent that should be at the forefront of vocal jazz. She has a range, sensuality and subtlety about herself that speaks volumes about her ability to hold an audience captive."

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Thursday September 15, 2011
Melani's Songs on Television

Melani's original songs have recently sold to various media outlets including the well known TV series "Breaking Bad" on AMC, and NBC's "Friends With Benefits.

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Tuesday August 9, 2011
all about

“…Four albums into that dream, she’s shown herself to be a superb vocalist possessed of a warm and inviting tone with a bit of sass to it – sort of a Nancy Wilson feline tang. Just A Chase Away showcases not just her voice, but also Skybell’s excellent songwriting skills.”

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Thursday August 18, 2011
the run off

Skybell not only sings but writes, as she composed eight out of the eleven songs here, and her lyrics show a lot of strength and maturity. In other words, she could easily be someone out there offering her songs to the world, but through her voice and piano work you get a much more direct feel for what she’s trying to say and accomplish. Highlights include “Let’s Get Away”, “The Stars In Your Eyes”, “Dreamflight”, and she dips into the standards with a rendition of “I’m Just A Lucky So And So”, for fans of Ellingtonia. The production on this is quite nice too.”

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Monday August 8, 2011
E Jazz

“A simply entertaining and magical musical experience that’s Just A Chase Away, Melani Skybell scupts a masterpiece of a recording that is certain to be noticed. You can file this one under ‘exquisite jazz vocals.’ ”

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Wednesday February 15, 2012
New Live Album - Too Darn Hot - Out Now

I'm happy to announce my first live album, which includes some of Dallas' finest players. We recorded this during the historic Texas heat wave of July 2011.

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